Why is a custom-built app a better choice for your business?

Today you can find a lot of IT companies that offer to create your own app for your business, and everything you need to do to keep using it is to pay a certain amount of subscription fee. These solutions are useful, but having a custom-built app that is tailored to your needs and requirements is a win-win idea.

Lately, custom-made apps are gaining momentum because companies have recognized their large scope of benefits and fast return of investment. This kind of personalized software solution is great for FMCG/CPG companies because of the big diversity in every single market. For example, the same manufacturer of alcoholic beverages has different business goals in every market where he is distributing his products, so having a universal app for every single affiliation would not be an ideal move. But the implementation of an app that is partially or fully personalized to meet individual business needs and goals can be a powerful and cost-effective solution.

The perfect example of such an app is REDAI app, a software solution that with help of shelf image recognition technology collects detailed data from retail shelves and delivers advanced analytic reports.

REDAI app enables the client a lot of beneficial features such as:

-tracking a vast number of their own, but also competitions’ SKUs

-checking planogram compliance including bland blocks, neighboring SKUs and cooler purity

-identifying out of shelf, product height, empty space which can be presented as an opportunity for additional rent of shelf share

-recognition of price tags, promo materials as well as secondary displays

-deliver of complete reports based on KPI metrics that the client prioritizes as sales and marketing goals

-other customized features that the client finds necessary for the optimization of the in-store performances

With all these features at disposal and smart data maneuvering, the end result can only be a more efficient, and intuitive process, that improves productivity and sales.