How to improve shelf analytics?

Shelves in retail stores are shoppers’ first point of interaction with products so how they are merchandised can make or break the sale. But tracking what is happening on shelves in every single store can be pretty exhausting without the right tools. Extracting analytics using traditional ways is taking a long time which is contra-productive since trends in the CPG industry are constantly changing. This means that every CPG company must be agile and make the right decisions very fast to conquer the dynamic marketplace.

Why advanced shelf analytics is crucial for business improvement?

The use of advanced shelf analytics can give a complete insight into the in-store execution process and help :

-Determine how often and where disruptions occur on shelves such as OOS (out of shelf), missing market shares, and first facings
-Make shelf exposure optimal by positioning products in the right places and height on shelves to draw shoppers’ attention
-Check planogram compliance
-Make even better strategies towards in-store execution process

The good news is that all these features are incorporated in AI software solution: REDAI app. REDAI app provides efficient detailed data collection from shelves in real-time, equipped with advanced shelf analytics. The app delivers a detailed analysis of key competitors, their market share, every point of sale channel, a new SKU launch, additional shelf exposure investment and other critical information that can help CPG companies modify their business direction, provide additional investment opportunities, and enhance profit forecasting.

This is a chance to be even more productive by digitalizing assets of in-store performance while acting on the spot, saving time and money and turning a large amount of data into competitive leverage!