What has 2020 brought to us?

There is no denying that the 2020 year was pretty challenging for the entire world. All of a sudden, with the pandemic of coronavirus, a new reality kicked in. Important business travels and conferences that we were supposed to attend, obtained status canceled in our business calendars. Consequences of coronavirus did hit us, but we know that there is only one solution to face them: to fight back and adapt to newness and use it in the best possible way.

Computer screen as a meeting tool

Because of the rule of social distance, the business world turned to the ultimate solution to connect to employees, remote workers and customers using the power of the Internet like never before through a huge range of communication platforms. The walls of our offices were replaced by the coziness of our homes. With all these changes, the COVID-19 crisis taught us all to sell, negotiate and collaborate from anywhere and it won’t be any different in a post-pandemic world.

Every cloud has a silver lining

When coronavirus spread to the entire world, we were not certain what to expect and how the business of our startup will progress. Luckily, things became to evolve in our favor. Companies all around the world started to implement digitalization and transform their existing business processes using new technologies. As we are pioneers of digital transformation in the CPG industry a lot of interest from this niche has been shown for our REDAI app.

When life gives you a lemon make a lemonade

With a lot of inquiries and meetings coming from all directions, the story about REDAI app started to spread among business circles which led us to a big step for our startup. We signed an exclusive partnership with Serengeti, an established and leading IT company in the Croatian market. This collaboration represents a great opportunity for our 100% Made in Croatia solution not only to become internationally recognized but continually technologically improve our solution in the years ahead.

A huge thanks to everyone who has supported us and helped us to shape our business in the past 2020 year. We are ready to meet new business opportunities and happy to enter 2021 in a positive and strong spirit.