A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

RedAI and Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019AI conference in Vienna. That is where everything started

Let’s go back to the moment when the idea of the REDAI app was just about to pop inside the mind of Domagoj, its founder. Back in 2017, Domagoj was working in a telecommunication corporation. He was assigned to go on a usual business trip to Vienna to attend an Artificial Intelligence conference. But this business trip was everything but usual, it was a milestone in Domagoj’s career and life. There was a demonstration of a rudimentary application that could recognize simple objects such as tables and chairs, and a funny thing that was the only part of the conference that Domagoj was present on. But only that one single demonstration inspired Domagoj and his creative mind to come up with a brilliant idea, just like professor Baltazar does. At that moment he wondered if it was possible to create an application that could recognize bottles on retail shelves.

Why bottles?

Before the telecommunication industry, Domagoj was working almost ten years in FMCG/CPG industry from the position of the sales representative to sales director. With a wide specter of experience and knowledge, he recognized huge potential in this competitive industry but definitely was not aware that he could be the avalanche trigger of the FMCG digital transformation.

Building the foundation

As soon as he returned to Croatia, he immediately started to work on the realization of his idea. He quit his job and he knew it wouldn’t be an easy road, but he was ready to roll the dice. The first thing was to find an IT expert who will be interested to provide technical support and software development service. Soon, through his business connections, he found Aether-Signum, an IT company that willingly accepted to bring to life Domagoj’s idea. While Domagoj was in process of creating the name and visual identity of the software solution, developers were working hard on the first algorithms and machine learning technology.