RedAI and Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019

More than 600 participants from 28 countries and organizations active in all industrial sectors, gathered in Vienna at the 2nd Conference on Applied Artificial Intelligence, organized by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA.

The motive of this conference was to bring AI closer to potential users and link developers to targeted networking. That is why we decided to take advantage of this opportunity and join the group of companies that presented their solutions.

During the conference, we had dozens of B2B meetings and presented the RedAI app as an inevitable tool in the future business of the Retail and HoReCa business segment and opened the door for our product to go global.

We are pleased to see that more and more people recognize that artificial intelligence provides new opportunities to approach and solve existing problems and gives our society new business opportunities in all existing industries.

REDAI is the complete digitization of your assets while optimizing expenses and increasing income – A win/win situation brought to you via a powerful and user friendly app.